You know a business coach for online businesses can be useful to mentor a CEO, but what about a small business owner? Or the owner of an online-only business? While it is true that business coaches are often used in big business, a business coach has a lot to offer all businesses looking for success. If you are looking to grow your Dallas TX online-only business, consider business coaching from Steven Lloyd Marketing.

What does a Business Coach do?

A business coach is a kind of business success shortcut. They are usually former successful business owners and high-ranking board members who go on to help others through their experience. A business coach can help build an actionable plan for your business, including step by step goals and deliverables. In addition to building a plan, a good business coach will hold you accountable to your goals.

This may sound like something exclusively for fortune 500 companies, which is a common misconception. On the contrary, all businesses can benefit from business coaching, even ones that don’t exist yet. This includes small businesses, family-owned businesses and online only businesses. A good business coach provides the following for any business:

Building a business plan

A major reason to hire a business coach is that they can help you with a business plan. It is not enough to just sustain a business, you need to have measurable goals to help make your business grow, and a plan to sustain a successful business. A business coach can use their experience in growing other, similar businesses to give you actionable steps towards success.

Helping you reach clients

A business coach can introduce you to techniques and methods that can help you expand your client base. With so many different advertising options available to online-only businesses, it can be overwhelming to try to find what is the most “bang for your buck.”

Whether this be through traditional advertising, digital advertising, or other outreach methods– a business coach can help you find the client outreach methods that work for your business ( and budget.) Expanding your brand to those who need to see it.

Nailing your market research

Having a business entirely online can feel alienating. It can be difficult to nail down the exact wants of your customers because you cannot watch them make buying decisions in real time.

A business coach helps you bridge this gap by guiding your market research. As soon as you find out exactly what your customer base wants, you can more easily provide it and make sales.

What stage of an online-only business benefits from a business coach?

Thinking about starting an online-only business? Wondering when to hire a business coach to help you? The correct answer is, right away! A business coach can work with you in building your business from the ground up.

Have a few ideas for an online business? A business coach can help you sort through all of your ideas, honing in on what has the most potential for success. From there a business coach can help you perform market research, learning about what kind of profits these types of businesses can earn and how they reach success.


Already own a successful online business? Wonderful! A business coach can help you expand your marketing, simplify processes and increase revenue.

What to look for in a business coach

There are a lot of buzz words in the world of business coaching, and a wide variety of agencies offer business coaching programs and certifications. When looking for a business coach for your online-only business, you should look past the certifications and on to the results.

Do your research on your business coach. Check reviews thoroughly– if a business coach has only good reviews, check to see if they seem real or not. Don’t just go by what is on the website, but also third-party review sites, to make sure you are getting an unbiased view. Any business that has been around for a while is bound to have a few bad reviews, but a lot of them is a major red flag.

If the business coach has been successful, check what kind of businesses they have had success with. You want a business coach who has worked with companies similar to yours, and has led them to success.

Why chose Steven Lloyd Consulting for your Dallas TX online business

Steven Lloyd Consulting offers business coaching for every kind of business. Using cutting edge digital marketing techniques, including local SEO, Steven Lloyd consulting can grow your online-only business at a price point that works for you.