Since the advent of both the internet and smartphones, the world has changed. Long gone are the days of shopping being restricted by business hours– most commerce is done digitally on our phones, regardless of the time of day. If your company is only operating within the 9-5 business workweek, you run the risk of seriously missing out on clientele. The people within your own community will not be able to get the customer service they need and will look elsewhere for goods or services. Not having 24/7 customer service also blocks your business off from international business. The time of business hours is behind us, but hiring and training a 24/7 receptionist is cost prohibitive for most organizations. This is where a 24 Hour Phone answering service comes in! With all of the benefits of a live receptionist for pennies on the dollar, our live phone answering service can give your business the support it needs to keep up with modern demand.


A Live Answering Service that Benefits Your 24/7 business

If you are looking to transition your business to 24/7, a live answering service is a great step in the right direction. By making sure that someone always answers the phone when a potential lead calls, you establish instant rapport as the kind of company that cares. But the problem with human receptionists is obvious– they are expensive, prone to human error and attitudes, and they could always quit or go on vacation.

With a live answering service from Stephen Lloyd, you won’t have to worry about any of those drawbacks. Their live answering service features one-of-a-kind AI technology. This means that whenever a customer calls, they speak to a robot that sounds and acts like a human. The AI’s name is Alicia, and she can assist the customer just like a human receptionist can. But unlike a human receptionist, Alicia is always polite and always ready to provide customer service no matter the time of day or night!

How Our Live Answering Service is Different from an Automated Answering Machine

A live answering service that is a robot? Well, that is not new– anyone who has had to call a doctor’s office or a large office building is familiar with the pre-recorded and difficult-to-navigate phone systems that they like to use.

A Live Answering Service from Stephen Lloyd Consulting is not the same thing as an automated answering machine. Instead of simply playing pre-recorded messages to callers, Alicia, the AI robot, can speak and respond just like a human. Alicia can make appointments, check calendars, and field calls from unhappy customers or people with questions. Alicia doesn’t sound like a robot but speaks in a voice like that of a human. Most people cannot even tell the difference!

What Can Our Live Answering Service Do?

Our live answering service goes beyond just answering phones. Alicia, the AI robot, can speak to your caller like a human receptionist. She can make appointments based on your schedule and send appointment verification emails to your client. She can follow up with a reminder before the appointment and a survey on how the services went after the appointment. Alicia, the AI, can even send happy customers a link to leave a google review. This prompts customers who would not normally leave a good review to do so, improving your company’s online ratings and standing within the community.

If the customer is not happy with their service, Alicia, the AI robot, will be able to immediately notify management. They can also do other customer support tasks like answering questions about business hours, etc.

Provide 24/7 Support at a Price That Makes Sense to You

At Steven Lloyd Consulting, we understand the pressures of the modern business owner who is trying to make their business 24/7. Managing a business is hard enough without having to worry about the hassle of hiring, training, and replacing receptionists. In addition, receptionists are often cost-prohibitive for small or new businesses, especially if you want someone to staff the phones around the clock. With an AI live answering service, you don’t have to worry about any of that. With an AI live answering service, you are actually saving money while improving the customer service of your business.

Let Steven Lloyd Consulting take the headache out of handling your phones, so you can focus on running your business! Call or check out our website, and consider signing up for a free digital marketing consultation with one of our executives!