Are you looking for more HVAC Leads for your McKinney TX business? Well, look no further– we have listed some of the best ways to find new HVAC leads for your business. Because Texas is so hot, over 90% of homes in the state have some kind of A/C system. This means a lot of potential repairs and installs and a lot of customers looking for a good HVAC company. It also means a lot of competition for your business. Read on to learn how to make your McKinney TX HVAC company stand out from the rest. 

Local newspapers

While there is no doubt that the best modern advertisement is digital, local newspapers still have a lot of potentials to bring in new customers. Advertise in your local newspaper, and use it as a resource to learn more about the community you want your business to be a part of. If someone local has recently won an award or made a big accomplishment, send them a congratulatory note. This shows that your business has an interest in the community that it is a part of and helps generate goodwill and brand name awareness

Social media presence 

Digital marketing is the way of the future. The majority of potential leads are going to look your HVAC company up online to check reviews before they decide to purchase. That is why it is so important to make sure that your social media presence is strong. By keeping your platforms up to date (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and posting relevant content, you have a free way to connect with potential leads and drum up business. If you aren’t tech-savvy, consider reaching out to a digital marketing specialist to help get the most out of your social media presence. 

Make a plan 

To successfully increase customers to your Mckinney TX HVAC business, you need to make a plan. First, consider your ideal customer– are you looking to do commercial HVAC services or home and individual services? Then start to do research on how people in McKinney TX choose their HVAC company. Do they look up reviews online? Do they check social media? How often does the typical McKinney TX resident purchase HVAC services, and what services are most common?

By answering these questions, you can determine how to make your business as attractive as possible to your potential customer. By using the social media platforms and reviews that your customer uses to choose their HVAC business, you can create a plan to generate more leads. 

Improve your website 

The fact of the matter is that a modern business cannot survive without an up-to-date, usable website. If your website is slow, buggy, clunky, or not adaptable to mobile devices, then you run the risk of frustrating your customers, causing them to look elsewhere for HVAC services. 

Hiring a professional to design your website is surprisingly affordable and offers a great return on investment when your website begins to find more HVAC customers. 

Offer digital coupons and discount codes

Everybody loves a good discount, and for leads, a first-time customer discount could be just the thing to switch them from lead to customer. These kinds of coupons and discounts are especially useful for digital marketing because they require the input of an email address. Your company can add this email address to their marketing list, sending out emails about special services and discounts. 

Another great method for improving your email list is to offer a free consultation. This not only gets a lead on your digital marketing list but moves you one step closer from lead to customer. 

Sponsor local events

To build trust within the community, consider sponsoring local events, such as local sporting teams or business networking events. If full sponsoring is outside of your price range, consider asking to be a “friend of” the event for a reduced fee in return for handing out flyers. You can also donate hats, keychains, and other items promoting your HVAC business, which can increase name brand awareness and hopefully create customers. 

Improve your Digital Marketing Strategy with the help of an expert, such as Steven Lloyd Consulting 

The best way to find HVAC Customers for your McKinney TX HVAC Business is to find a digital marketing expert who knows Texans. Steven Lloyd consulting can get you the local business you need with an automatic HVA lead conversion process. Steven Lloyd Consulting has the tools you need at sensible prices.