Google has become a ubiquitous search engine. Everyone uses Google, from looking for vacation getaways to finding a local business to patronize. This is why it is so important to get your product to show up on Google search engine results pages (SERPS). Most people do not scroll past the first three results of a SERP, and even less look at the next page, which is why it is so important for your business and product to show up on Google search results! Read on to learn more about how to get your product to show up on Google search results and how to improve your product ranking on Google!

Easy and Free Ways to Improve your Google Ranking

When it comes to how to get your product to show up on Google search results, SEO is the name of the game. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization– the process of using keywords, backlinks, and other methods to improve your website’s placement on Google SERPs. Here are some basic SEO tips to improve your Google ranking.

Research and Use Keywords

In order to get Google’s algorithm to pick up your website, you need to know what keywords and phrases are most often searched. Then you need to use those keywords strategically throughout your website copy.

Begin your keyword research by searching for popularity and volume. By making sure you use the words and phrases people are searching for, you can get your product to show up on Google search results at no cost to you, but using keywords is not the only thing that is important. It is also important to match the intent of the searcher. Try to see what commonly asked questions are in conjunction with your product or business and strive to clearly explain the answers to those questions on your website, proving it to be both relevant and useful and improving your ranking.

Optimize Your Local Search Information

Local search is a critical feature for everyone, especially brick-and-mortar businesses. It allows your business to be picked up in the Google search “near me” results. An easy and free way to do this is to claim your Google Business Profile. It adds legitimacy to your business and can get your product to show up on Google search results. Be sure to claim and verify your business with your Google Business Profile, as well as an accurate list of hours and the exact address of your business.

Another way to improve your Google ranking is to encourage happy customers to leave reviews on Google. Not only does this give your business credibility with your customers, but it also shows Google that your business is heavily trafficked and encourages the algorithm to rank it higher than businesses without reviews.

Lastly, a way to improve your business’ local search results is to list your business on online local directories. This helps people find your business, as well as gain backlinks that can improve your Google ranking.

Include Internal Links

Include internal links on your website copy. Examples of these are links to content you have created or to other useful websites. This, and content creation, are very important to have good SEO. Internal links improve your google ranking by encouraging readers to click on the links, which improves the “crawl ability” of the site for Google’s algorithm.

Develop Valuable Backlinks

In short, backlinks are links to your website found on other websites. Backlinks are one of the most important off-site SEO factors, so getting backlinks for your website is important to improving your ranking on google. Not all backlinks are the same either– you want the websites that host your links to be credible and well-trafficked, not spammy.

Backlinks can be created through guest blogging or the creation of useful content– such as how-to videos and tutorials. When other websites link to this useful content, it will not only improve traffic to your website but also improve your backlinks.

Consult an SEO Pro– Steven Lloyd Consulting

While there are many free ways to improve your google ranking, how to get your product to show up on Google search result page is not always easy. Search Engine Optimization takes time and can involve several in-depth factors that business owners, especially small business owners, may simply not have the time to take on.

If SEO sounds like a bit too much for you, you can still reap the benefits of digital marketing! Reach out to Steven Lloyd Consulting today, and learn how you can make your digital presence work for you!