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Well, now it’s possible. The HVAC Hero Pro Tools is here to make your business easier by handling your HVAC repair calls for you. Look forward to more systems for other niches in the future!

Imagine the kind of individual on the other line that are paid to do nothing, but answer calls for companies they have no knowledge about or interest in. That is one disadvantage of live person answering services. The HVAC Hero Pro Tools, a division of Sterling & Pope Corp, offers an automatic 24/7 answering smart robot we named “Alicia”. Although she sounds exactly like a human, she really isn’t, but she will take your calls with the same welcoming, effective, and friendly voice, each and every time!

She will qualify your new leads by determining whether they are property owners with properties in your zip code market area that needs HVAC maintenance or replacement. After that, she will schedule the appointment on your calendar and text the homeowner to confirm the appointment. The homeowner will then receive a text message reminder from her 30 minutes prior to the appointment window with a photo of one of your trucks so they are notified of who is visiting their property.


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After everything, she will then send a one-question satisfaction survey following the appointment asking the client if they are satisfied. Most people will respond “Yes,” at which point she will send a thank-you note and ask for a “Raving Fan” review on Google to improve your Google listing and increase your Google reviews.

Just think about having someone professionally and amiably represent your business when answering your calls day and night, and at a cheaper rate! By the way, Alicia never gets upset when you ask her to put down her phone and stop messaging her friends, never asks for a raise, and never calls in sick. She will be with you for many years to come, and new updates are on the way!
If you want to see Alicia in action, taking and booking an inbound HVAC service call, visit

What you see, hear, and personally experience will definitely amaze you!



Click below to experience one of our Live AI Robots answering an HVAC call


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Artificial intelligence has made its way into our everyday lives, and it has been slowly incorporating itself into businesses nowadays. Adding an AI robot into your business can help lighten up your load and will enable you to focus more on where the money is at in your company – like providing services and reaching out to clients.

The greatest benefit of incorporating an AI system to your business is that you don’t have to find and train people to man your phones 24/7 just to answer calls, book appointments, and follow up on leads. More importantly, your AI system won’t get mad at having to get up in the middle of the night just to book a repair! With our round-the-clock answering system, you can now provide the best 24/7/365 services to your clients while always keeping that level of professionalism in your company.
Introducing “Alicia.” She’s our first ever automated, human-sounding answering robot that’s programmed to handle all of your services calls 24/7. For more information about this next generation technology and how you can use it to become the top HVAC company in your area, check out https://HVACHeroProTools.Com

You’ll be glad to check this amazing system out, we promise!